We all realise the huge potential that having a website can bring to your business. It offers an online presence, an easy way for new customers to find your company, and simple-to-access information about your business. It even offers a way to sell your product and engage with your customers.

One thing that business owners often don’t realise is that there is a type of website that can actually be damaging to your company: a bad one.

Embracing the age of digital marketing by bringing a website into your strategy is a great idea. One that many would consider a vital step to building your company’s future. But be warned: there are many perilous pitfalls to watch out for, especially if you are endeavoring to build your own site.

A badly designed website will not only generate high bounce rates (when someone clicks on to your website and then promptly leaves), but can also negatively change your customers perception of your company. Whereas, a well-designed website will draw your customers in – keep them for longer than they intended – and then send them on their way feeling positively about your business.

Websites are so common now that just simply having one isn’t enough to keep you on top. Your website needs to be perfectly designed and delicately filled with engaging content. These are specialty skills that few possess, and rightly so, as business owners have their own niche that is vital to the build of their website.

Your web design agency should consult with you on how you want your website to look and feel. And there is one extremely important reason for this. Your website is being designed for your customers, and there is only one person who knows your customers and what they want. That person is you.

Without this consultancy phase, you will receive a website that seems perfectly fine, but it isn’t honed for your specific business and the needs of your specific customers, and in time this may become painfully apparent.

Having no website is becoming less and less of an option for most business owners; the public expect to find a website for every business, and without delivering this people are left wondering why it is lacking. But building your own website isn’t simple either, there are thousands of variables and hours of skills to be learned.

A good web management agency is the best, most simple way of getting what you want.

At 27 Web Management we have a minimum of three consultations per website build so that we keep you, our client, at the center. We make sure that the website is built with your customers in mind, including flawless navigation, appropriate content, and a perfectly branded finish.

It will be exactly what you want, but without the painstaking hours taken out of your busy schedule to achieve it. Get in touch today to discuss what options best suit you and your growing company.



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