More businesses are actively becoming involved in eLearning. Companies are starting to realise how rewarding it can be; which it is, eLearning has completely transformed ways in which learning is relayed to employees and students.

As well as quick delivery of lessons, eLearning is important for both students and employees as it so versatile and accommodates everyone’s needs. For example, as a company you can now deliver fire and safety policy training in any language to all your employees.

According to Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Outlook 2017 Survey, eLearning can significantly reduce employee training time. Leaving you with all those gained hours to increase your company productivity.

Typically requiring 40-60% less employee time, in comparison to learning in a traditional classroom setting, this ensures a faster delivery due to employees having easy access to eLearning material anytime they want and anywhere they are. Employees and students having access to training in their spare time means they are not only able to save time but also will not need to adhere to the pace of the group.

Everyone wants something that’s cost-effective, in-house training; even though vital in some circumstances, can prove to be very costly. eLearning requires only an online training software that is cost-effective while also allowing employees and students to train from home, this can even underpin knowledge.

Following all these key factors, eLearning has proven to have better effectiveness and helps employees retain information for longer. With various types of interactive content eLearning is much more engaging than a class room setting.

Paperless! Protecting the environment is always a must, eLearning is a paperless way of learning, the statistics show how well it helps the environment. With 90% less power and 85% less CO2 emissions being produced, compared to traditional learning methods, eLearning is an eco-friendly way of learning.

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